Weekly SPI declined by 0.28%

The Weekly Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the the week ended on Feb 01, 2024, declined by 0.28% WoW. On the flip side, The SPI increased by 39.45% YoY compared to the corresponding period from last year.

Out of 51 items, the average price of 12 items increased, 17 items decreased, and 22 items remained stable.

During the week, a major decrease was observed in the prices of Tomatoes (18.28%), Eggs (7.77%), Onions (6.99%), LPG (1.53%) and Tea Lipton (1.29%),

On the other hand, a major increase was observed in the prices of Petrol (5.20%), Chicken (1.88%), Diesel (0.95%), Energy Saver (0.70%) and Bananas (0.68%),


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