The flashes of Imran Khan’s past: When PTI criticised PML-N for petroleum


The increasing inflation day by day, diminished foreign reserves as well rising current account deficit have nearly terminated the progress of country’s economy for the period of last 7-8 months.

After a price hike of Rs6, petrol now stands at Rs98.89 per litre.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, inflation rushed to 9.4% last month – the highest level in five years. Yet, this is the bad news and whenever the question arises about the current turmoil, there is no other choice than blaming the previous governments; when asked from Finance minister to Prime Minister.   

As per Imran’s words, does it mean that PTI is blatantly burdening the masses in order to run the state affairs?

Moreover, Imran’s adviser Abdul Razaq Dawood specified that in an effort to make the economy in right direction, the only ultimate solution is to put up people with inflation for some time. Dawood is a wealthy businessman; it is wondered h0w he can callously expect to put them in inflation. It’s never a fair play. Why the poor is always targeted to improve the economic crisis? Where the inflation rises but the decline in their take homes?

Dawood should try spending a month or two with a narrow budget of not more than Rs60,000 to 70,000 in a rented house and then let us know how it feels to ‘put up with inflation’.

The solution is never the loan from IMF in order to fix the economy. Nawaz was able to put the economy on right track as he generated business activities and the investors had faith in the PML-N Government. A prime minister who travels the world and clearly reminds it of the awful state Pakistan is in due to corruption of previous governments can claim sympathy and loans but never the actual investment.

Wherein the PML-N regime 2013; the challenges of terrorism, power crisis and economic issues but rather than blaming the previous governments, it really took actual measures.

It resulted in growth in economy as well the issues of terrorism and electricity shortages also met decline comparatively. Whereas PTI is past focused and keep blaming the previous government without any future focused agendas. Prices raise everyday which depreciates middle and lower economic classes.

The targets settled are hard and the present situation witnesses that every citizen is confounded and uncertain about the state’s future. Whereby the delay and deflation of political opponents on fixing economy and governance issue will ultimately result in the form of harm to economy.


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