MLCF profitability is likely to decline: Brokerage Analysis


Maple Leaf Cement (MLCF) will reveal its financial earnings for the half year ended December 2018 on February 19, 2019.

Based on the estimates projected by brokerage houses, it is expected that the Maple leaf Company will suffer an average decline of 35 % in its profits. Also, a decline of 48.3% is expected in the cumulative net income.

The down trend is subjected to the shrinked volumes, ruppee devaluation and cost of doing business has been increased.

Comparison of the Brokerage house: 

Brokerage House Earning in 2QFY19 EPS in 2QFY19 Earning in 1HFY19 EPS in 1HFY19
JS Global Rs.670 million      (-28%, YoY) Rs.1.69 Rs.1.01 billion (-49%, YoY) Rs.2.7
Arif Habib Limited Rs.633 million (-46%, YoY) Rs.1.07 Rs.1.2 billion (-46%, YoY) Rs.2.05
Spectrum Securities Rs.641 million (-30.6%, YoY) Rs.1.08 Rs.984 million (-50.1%) Rs.1.66


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