January exports depicted a slowdown in growth


Pakistan’s exports in January, 2019 witnessed an increase of 3.97% to $2.04 billion (provisional) as compared to last year.

However, the exports declined to 1.78% by $2.08 billion (provisional) in December, 2018.

Year-on-year growth in December 2018 (prior month) was comparatively higher than that in January depicting a slowdown in growth during the month (the graph shows year-on-year change each month).

Exports during July–January, 2018 -2019 surged to 2.24% to $13.23 billion (provisional).

Exports during January, 2019:

  • Ready made garments: Rs. 35,549million
  • Knitwear: Rs.34,477million
  • Bed wear: Rs.26,811million
  • Cotton cloth: Rs.25,155 million
  • Rice others: Rs.24,774 million
  • Cotton yarn: Rs.12,013million
  • Fruits: Rs.9,993million
  • Towels: Rs.9,491million
  • Madeup articles: Rs.8,669 million
  • Rice Basmati: Rs.7,987 million


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