IMF delegation to visit Pakistan in February


The delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF) will reach Pakistan in early February for another round of negotiations with the Pakistani authorities.

IMF delegation will arrive in Islamabad on February 2, whereas, negotiations between the IMF and Pakistan will begin on February 3. The talks will review Pakistan’s second quarter financial performance.

Moreover, the privatization program and energy sector reforms will also come under discussions. The first phase of talks will be of technical level and then policy talks will initiate.

On the completion of first review of Pakistan’s economic performance last month, the IMF acknowledged that Pakistan’s reform program is on track and already producing results.

Decisive policy implementation has started to address the deep-seated problems of Pakistan’s economy and to reverse its large imbalances, preserving financial stability, the US based fund said in its report. The report acknowledges that the business climate in the country has improved, and market confidence is returning.

IMF further added in its assessment that the Government recognizes that structural reforms, especially in SoE sector are key to revive economic activity and growth.

IMF has released SDR 328 million (about $ 452.4 million), bringing total disbursements to SDR 1,044 million (approx $1.45 billion). Meanwhile, Pakistan will receive $450 million if talks succeed this time.