IMC-Indus Motor Company Clarification

Pending adjudication before Sindh High Court
Indus motor private limited company has shed light on company’s non-inclusion case of running royalties remitted to its foreign policy and principles. they are presently pending the imminent adjudication before Sindh High court (SHC).
Ali Asghar Jameeli the CEO of the company simplified the actual legal position of the case of non-inclusion of running royalties remittance in its foreign policy of importing the parts.
Ali Asghar stated that the subject case is under judicial consideration and presently the pending adjudication before Sindh High Court (SHC). Moreover the Company wants to shed light under the facts that earlier Customs and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal expressed the subject case in the favor of their company in 2008.
The CEO also said that reputation is an important concern for them and they take it as a serious note and strong exception to any falsified accusations from any of stakeholders. They are responsible as a corporate entity and they are committed to comply with applicable laws of land and their strong upholding and engagement with the stakeholders.
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