Drop Down of Index 659.15 Points


Index drifted 659 points enduring the loss of streak throughout the week. The index was marked by FATF meeting which is presently taking place in France. Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Interim Finance Minister also left for France in order to make the case for Pakistan.

Volume traded at KSE – 100 index declined by 11.5% during the session after total volume clocked in at 106.435 million versus 120.329 million at 25th of June.

Cement, Fertilizer, E&P and OMC Companies during the session taken at 26th,June at the bottom after collectively contributing more than 420.32 points.

Sector-wise all share index top sector turnover was led by Commercial Banks (22.983 million), Chemical (14.45 million), and Power Generation and Distribution (21.532 million).

KSE – 100 Index at the day end moved a total of -659.15 points down by 1.58%, closing in at 40,978.23 with index high – low range of 41,843.09 – 40,900.74

KSE – All Share Index Volume was at 164.360 million shares, the value of shares traded for all-shares index reached PKR 6.943 billion.


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