Corporate Result: NATF earnings surged by 13.7% YoY basis


In a latest notification to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), National Foods Limited (PSX:NATF) has announced the Annual result for the year ended June 30,2020 in which the company has reported Profit After Tax of Rs. 1.65 Bn showing a growth of 20.43% YoY basis. The company’s Earnings per share (EPS) were recorded at Rs. 9.87 showing growth of 13.7%.

The Net sales of the company were recorded at Rs. 19.2 Bn showing an increas of 18.3%. The cost of sales were recorded at 13.5Bn, higher from the last year costs that translated into the Gross Profit of Rs. 6.10 Bn showing an increase of 19.8% YoY basis.

The distribution cost of the company saw an increase of 16% to Rs. 4.55 Bn and the Adminstrative expense also rose by 8.83% YoY basis. Furthermore, the Other expenses also saw a surge of Rs. 123.1 Mn, increased by 5.8% during the year.

A Final Cash dividend of Rs 5 per share i.e. 100% was also recomemended by the company for FY20. The comapny also recommended issue of 25% fully paid bonus shares in the proportion of one share for every four shares held.

NATF – Annual Result

EPS 2020 = 9.87 PKR
EPS 2019 = 8.68 PKR

Cash Dividend = 5 PKR
Bonus Share = 25%