Corporate Result: GGGL Net sales improved by 84.2%


Ghani Global Glass Limited (GGGL) has announced the financial results for the six months ended December 31, 2019, whereby it has reported Profit After Tax of Rs. 19.04 Mn (EPS: Rs. 0.19), showing a massive improvement from the last year losses of the same period last year.

During the period under review, the sales of the company sky-rocketed by 84.2%  and recorded at Rs. 637.2 Mn as compared to the last year. Despite the, higher cost of sales worth Rs. 403.1 Mn the Gross Profit also increased to Rs. 137.9 Mn.

The Other income of the company remained approximately same and stood at Rs. 1.16 Million. However, the Adminstrative and Distribution expense of the company were reduced during the period to Rs. 29.6 Mn and 15.6 Mn, respectively.

Furthermore, the Finance cost of the company increased to 80% to Rs. 73.4 Mn.


Quarter ended

EPS 2019 = 0.04 PKR
LPS 2018 = (0.25) PKR

Half Year Ended

EPS 2019 = 0.19 PKR
LPS 2018 = (0.62) PKR

Cash Dividend = NIL
Bonus Share = NIL