Byco selects Axens Technology for their Euro V Gasoline and Diesel Refinery Upgrades


Axens has been engaged to support Byco’s Refinery upgrading Project with providing advanced technical solutions in order to achieve Euro V Gasoline and Diesel specifications in Pakistan. The solution consists of a unique integration of three units into a Cracked Naphtha Desulfurization Unit, using best in the businessPrime-G+® licensed technology. This technology plays a major role in meeting Euro V specifications with the best octane retention along with its selective hydrodesulphurization process.

The scope of Axens’ work includes the supply of process design package for integration of three units into FCC gasoline hydrotreating configuration using licensed Prime-G+® technology, catalysts & adsorbents for distillate hydrotreaters and respective Sulfur Recovery Units, internals for DHT reactors, trainings and long term technical services.

AXENS to provide multiple solutions for the Upgrade-I Project. Through this new collaboration, Byco will benefit from the latest generation catalysts, Prime-G+® technology and proprietary internals to meet EURO- V refinery specifications and higher for road fuels specifications.