AVN Selected to Execute a Prestigious Project for the Holiest Muslim Site in Makkah worth Rs. 750Mn


Avanceon Saudi for Energy Co. WLL, a subsidiary of Avanceon FZE, has been selected to execute an innovative and state of the art SCADA solution for the Masjid Al-Haram Expansion Project in Makkah. The Haram Expansion Project aims to restore Masjid Al-Haram’s central position in the city and give the mosque an architectural and engineering aspect to welcome growing number of pilgrims. Avanceon will be responsible for the PLC based SCADA systems, Instrumentation, Real Time Data Acquisition, Performance Monitoring Systems and Turnkey Automation to ensure new praying areas and essential services to millions of pilgrims who visit Makkah for Hajj and Umrah.

With the Al-Ka’bah as its focal point, the Haram Expansion project will extend radially outwards across a 684 m distance. It will include the construction of a new Haram building, courtyards around the mosque, a new services building, a Central Utility Complex (CUC), a hospital, civil defence, and security facilities, as well as bridges and pedestrian walkways. A utility tunnel serves as the main artery, harbouring utilities from the CUC to the Haram, including chilled water, water supply, firefighting, waste water, refuse collection, and electric cables. With water as the lifeblood of a pilgrims’ journey, water proofing and other measures will be employed to ensure that the spring water, Zamzam, remains contaminant-free.