AVN completes a major DCS migration project


In a recent notification to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Avanceon Limited (PSX:AVN) has successfully completed a distributed Control System (DCS) migration project at a Food Grade Ethanol producing plant under Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).

This contract execution gives a pathway for positive impact on group’s business and value for its shareholders.

For this project, Avanceon was tasked to perform the migration within a planned plant downtime and to ensure zero production time loss upon restoration of the plant production via migrated system.

Avanceon deployed its migration system based on Rockwell Automation’s field-proven “PlantPax” technology. Demonstrating a high level of competency and ability, Avanceon team marshalled its resources and completed the project by switching over the operations within a challenging 48 hours.

Exceeding the expectations, the project was completed well within the overall planned timeline budget with a smooth transition to bring the plant back to its full potential of its production capacity.

This project is in continuation of the engagement with this country’s leading Ethanol producer in a Service Level Agreement since 2003 when Avanceon was first chartered to maintain the previously installed system.

Under this renewed engagement, Avanceon has signed a ten-year Distributed Control System (DCS) contract on Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) basis to replace the aged technology & maintain it. Under the IAAS agreement, Avanceon held the responsibility to conceive, design, develop, deliver and maintain the migrated system, and owns end-to-end responsibility for the total cost of ownership of this system for the lifecycle of the IAAS.