3.7% fall in allocation for Annual Development Programme in Budget 2020-21


The Punjab Government on Monday announced the allocation of Rs. 337 Bn to Annual Development Programme. With comparison to last year’s budget, a decrease of Rs. 13 Bn can be seen in ADP. The development budget has been aimed to revive growth in the economy during the situation of pandemic.

Punjab Government allocated Rs. 97.66 Bn, around 29% of ADP for Social Sectors development that is as follows:

  • Rs. 36.64 Bn for Education 
  • Rs. 34.93 Bn for Health and Family planning
  • Rs. 11.86 Bn for Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Rs. 630 Mn for Social Welfare
  • Rs. 400 Mn for Women Development 
  • Rs. 13.19 Bn for Local government and Community development

Punjab Government has allocated a sum of Rs. 77.86 Bn, around 24% of ADP for Infrastructure Development that includes: 

  • Rs. 29.82 Bn for Roads
  • Rs. 17.47 Bn for Irrigation 
  • Rs. 4.5 Bn for Energy
  • Rs. 9.73 Bn for Public buildings
  • Rs. 16.33 Bn for Urban development

The budget(2020-21) showed that the government has allocated Rs. 17.35 Bn, around 5% of ADP for Production sectors that includes:

  • Rs.7.75 Bn for Agriculture
  • Rs.1.75 Bn for Forestry
  • Rs.500 Mn for Wildlife
  • Rs.500 Mn for Fisheries
  • Rs1.7 Bn for Livestock and dairy development 
  • Rs. 3 Bn for industries, commerce and investment (which also includes skills development)
  • Rs. 1.55 Bn for the Mines and Minerals 
  • Rs. 400 Mn for the Tourism
  • Rs. 200 Mn for the Food

A sum of Rs. 45 Bn around 14% of ADP has been allocated for the Services Sector for the upcoming fiscal year. It includes:

  • Rs. 2.4 Bn for Governance and information technology
  • Rs. 150 Mn for Labour and human resource development
  • Rs. 42.33 Bn for Transport and mass transit services
  • Rs. 500 Mn for the Emergency Rescue 1122 service

Lastly, Rs 47.5 Bn has been allocated to the head of special programmes and initiatives. Government has tried to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and stimulate business activity post-lockdown. 

In this year’s budget, the government has paid special attention to the needs of the Southern Punjab with allocating around 35% of total ADP to the region.

Source: Govt of Punjab – Annual Budget Statement